The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition is a volunteer community organization advocating peaceful, nonviolent responses to conflict. PPRC emerged from a community gathering on the evening of September 11, 2001, as people of many local peace and justice organizations came together in anticipation of a violent, unjust and criminally misguided response by the US government to the 9/11 attacks.

PPRC opposes the ethnic profiling of the Arab, Muslim, South Asian and Middle Eastern immigrant populations by the US Justice Department. PPRC opposed the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, and continues to oppose the occupations of those countries by the US Military. In addition, PPRC has taken a strong stand in support of the Global Justice movements, opposing the so-called ‘free trade’ agreements such as GATT and CAFTA (these are actually investor rights agreements – see Global Trade Watch for background), and more generally in support of workers rights; PPRC is a member of Portland Jobs with Justice.

PPRC is committed to working for a just and peaceful resolution to the Israel/Palestine conflict, calling for the withdrawal of Israel’s military occupation from the West Bank and Gaza, and for the establishment of a viable, independent Palestinian state in these territories. For examples of this work, please check out the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.

For a broader view of the work and perspectives of the PPRC, please review our past press releases posted in our Press Archive. We are a member and support the work of United for Peace and Justice.


(Under normal circumstances, Each Friday at 5:00PM, the PPRC holds a rally and march starting at Pioneer Courthouse Square (SW Broadway & SW Yamhill) in downtown Portland. For details, please check out the Friday Rally & March link under the “Actions” listed in the left column of this website.)

The PPRC no longer holds regular general membership meetings. To find out about actions or campaigns that PPRC is working on, please drop by the Friday rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square, or write to You can also keep track of PPRC via the group’s facebook page – just search for “Portland Peaceful Response Coalition” or “PPRC” to find our group page. (PPRC does not endorse the use of facebook. Users should be aware that there are significant privacy and personal security risks involved with using commercial social network services like facebook.)